Concrete Crunching can be used on both internal and external projects

This method uses minimal vibration and is a safe way of removing concrete structures when handled by trained operatives

Concrete Crunching is excellent for the demolishing of floors, walls, and staircases up to 350mm thick – virtually silent and with very little dust or vibration.

What is Concrete Crunching?

Concrete crunching is used to demolish floors, walls, staircases and other reinforced concrete structures. Pistons are mounted within lightweight frames that are placed over the exposed edge of the structure that is being removed.

The pistons are then forced inwards using hydraulic pressure which crushes the concrete into rubble. This method is non-percussive and therefore eliminates any vibration. It is a dust-free operation that uses no water and it operates silently.


How does Concrete Crunching work?

Concrete Crunching is a popular method for removing concrete without excess vibration or the need for water.

The large pistons are attached to the machine and applied to the exposed edge of the concrete and extensive hydraulic pressure is applied, closing the jaws and crushing the concrete. This process is repeated until the structure is removed.

As the procedure is non-percussive there is limited risk of damage to nearby structures and the low levels of noise minimises disruption.

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