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Robotic Demolition

Safe, Powerful, Versatile Machinery by Brokk

Brokks are track mounted, remote controlled demolition machines that have changed the way many demolition projects are now undertaken.

Their small size and great strength is the combination that makes our fleet of Brokk machines the ideal solution for the most demanding demolition tasks.

Unrivalled in the field of confined space demolition many of our robotic Brokks can access through doorways and can be moved from floor to floor in an ordinary lift. If there is no lift then they can climb the stairs.

Precision digital remote control allows our trained staff to operate the machinery at a safe distance away from potential hazards such as falling debris. The dangers of HAVS are entirely eliminated.

Although used predominantly with a breaker attachment our Brokk machines are extremely versatile and can be fitted with a range of tools and accessories including Crushers, Steel Sheers, Buckets, Sorting/Demo Grapples and Scabblers.

Brokks are electrically powered which means they can be used in sensitive environments where toxic fumes and engine noise would not be permitted.

For further information or to see recent case studies using the above demolition techniques please contact us on 01474 323943


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